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Wildgame Innovations Feeder Control Unit

The wildgame innovations 6v game feeder kit comes with a digital power control unit to help keep your game on track. This kit also includes an oven to quickly and easily cook food, and a water reservoir to store your food.

Wildgame Innovations Photocell Power Control Unit

Wildgame Innovations Feeder Timer

Are you looking for a new way to track your wild game? If so, you may be wondering about our new feeder timer. This timer is designed to keep you organized and on track while we are hunted. the feeder timer is a great way to help you keep track of the time needed to take your wild game to the dinner plate. You can set it to run for minutes, hours, or days so that you can keep track of your progress. if you are looking for a feeder timer that is reliable, we recommend the bravo feeder timer. This timer is a good value for the amount of features it offers, and it is easy to set up. We recommend the dual feeder timer. This timer is designed for use in both individual hunting and family hunts, so it is perfect for those who want to hunt in more than one location. so there you have it! A comprehensive blog section full of all the latest wild game innovation and technology for the hunting community. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at the address in the blog post!

Wildgame Deer Feeder

The wildgame deer feeder is a great way to bringism to your feeder! This feeder has a 6volt digital power control unit that will let you control your deer feeder with ease. Additionally, thedexa system ensures that your feeder is stable and healthy, ensuring more deer access to food. the wildgame quick set 225 is a quick set feeder that features electronic power control for easy management. This feeder comes with a deer feeder, so you can easily keep your deer community fed. The wildgame quick set 225 is a great feeder for those looking to manage their deer feeder with electronic power control. the wildgame innovations quick set 225 feeder is a great way to increase your wild game production. It comes with a photocell power control unit to help keep your feeder running fast and simple. The quick set also includes an included learning system to help you learn how to use the feeder. this deer feeder is the perfect way to keep your deer in check! The digital power control unit ensures consistent power when you need it the most, while the lcd screen makes it easy to understand how much food is left.