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Wild Game Feeders

Introducing the world's first outdoor game feeder that is completely-powered using natural energy! The wild game feeder uses edible wild game as its main source of nutrition, which make it perfect for deer hunting. This feeder is also equipped with a digital timer and heavy-duty usda-approved outdoor quick set product feeder.

Nocturnal Nightmare Feeder

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Wildgame Deer Feeder

The trophy tube is a gravity feeder for deer turkey hogs that is made with high-quality materials. It is made from durable plastic and metal, and it is designed to last. The feeder is easy to set up, and it takes only a few minutes to read and understand how to use it. With the trophy tube, you can keep your deer in style! the wild game feeder kit from 6v game today is a new powerhouse in the market. It's digital power control unit makes it easy toideon or control your wild game without a computer. This feeder is sure to get you up and running on the go with its digital control unit and 6v battery. this 6v game feeder kit models the t6dc, which is the new digital power deer feeder. This feeder is made with 2 hrs of half-inch pluggio heavy-gauge wire and comes with a case. The feeder can be used to feed deer in low light or power hungry conditions. The wildgame innovations feeder is easy to set up and away to aftermarket parts. The feeder has a rechargeable battery and is powered by a usb typec port. the feeder is a great addition to your wild game deer feeder and can be quickly and easily replaced with the use of a 6-volt battery. This feeder comes with a brand new motor that will help keep your feeder running quickly and easily.