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Puppy Litter Feeder

This stainless steel bowl is perfect for your dog. It's easy to clean and they love the idea of getting their food and water they way they always wanted. The bowl is also stainless steel and so is the feeder. This will make your dog feel at ease and make them feel happy about feeding in a stainless steel bowl.

Puppy Feeder Bowl

The puppy feeder bowl is a great way to provide top-notch food for your pet. This bowl is made of sturdy materials and is sure to provide a long-lasting service.

Multiple Puppy Feeder

This is a great feeder bowl for a puppy dog pet or cat. It is made of stainless steel and has a hard plastic bottom for safety. It is easily cleanable with a covered bottom and has a multiple capacity so you can multiple pup food dishes. The hard plastic bottom helps prevent the pup from getting sick and the fiona brand food is a great choice for puppy dogs. this dog bowl has a stainless steel finish and is one-shook against the front to create a professional look. The kibble and food are hidden inside, so there is no worry about leftovers getting on your food dish. The illuminates when use as a litter box, so you can see what's going on inside. The front is removable for easy cleaning. this stainless steel multi puppy pan litter feeder dish and bowl saucer is perfect for a small animal like a dog or cat. It is perfect for placing in a where there may be some water damage. The pan has two sides that are also stainless steel which will make it a safe haven for your pet. The size is large enough to for a small animal like a dog or cat to eat pet food and also the top is off to give you a place to place your pet's food. The pan also has a saucer for a water bottle. This puppy litter feeder is a great addition to your pet's home and will make their life easier. this puppy dog pet cat litter stainless feeder bowl dish is perfect for feeding your dog or cat. It is made of plastic and features a puppy dog pet cat litter logo. The feeder is easy to clean and is perfect for weaning your dog or cat off of their food.