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Moonshine Feeder Light

The Moonshine Feeder Light is an 2- study with a bright yellow Light and a dark green reflector, it is inspired by the wild game that is served up during the course of a day's grazing. The Moonshine Feeder Light is fantastic for predators that need to provide feed to their steer or for photographers who desiderate to create beautiful Light pictures of wild game.

Wildgame Innovations Moonshine Hog And Varmint Feeder Light

The wildgame innovations Moonshine Feeder is an exceptional tool for keeping your hog or vitals with the right level of light, the moonlight Feeder comes with two lights, one red and one yellow, that you can control using a handle. The Feeder is likewise built to last with bright yellow and red lights that will last as long as the hog lives, this is a pack of 2 wildgame innovations Feeder lights. They are very basic to adopt and provide Light at all times that helps to see, the pack of 2 lights is splendid for hog hunting, predator hunting, or any other Light sawing project. The Moonshine Feeder Light is a high-tech version of the common daylight lamp, this Feeder Light uses a solar motion led Light that is used to attract and feed wild game. The Light can be turned on or off as needed to provide Light and heat to the environment, the Moonshine Feeder Light is additionally equipped with a predator solar motion led to provide the necessary ammo for a hunt. The Moonshine Feeder Light is a lightweight and uncomplicated to adopt Feeder Light that provides Light at a minimum need for deer, turkeys and other wild game, the Light is a two step conversion which allows you to turn it on or off as needed. The Light is conjointly night timeable with a low Light score.