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Bird Feeder Hook

This bird feeder pole is perfect for your home décor! It is a 35 inch shepherd hook that you can use to add a new addition to your garden or as a fail-safe backup. The metal hanger is lasting and stylish, making it a great addition to any home décor. The hanger also features a ready-made hole for your bird, making it easy to add them as a sidekick.

Bird Feeder Hook Walmart

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Bird Feeder Hook Amazon

This is a great buy at an amazing price. 24pcs shepherds hook plant garden hanger bird feeder pole rust resistant coatin. this is a great gift for the chicken or gerbil lover in your life! This bird feeder hook is 12 inches in diameter and has a metal branch off of it. It can be used to hang your bird feeder from, or to tie to a hanger on your front porch. this is a great bird feeder hook that is rust resistant. It is available in black and it has a 65 inch plant hanger. This hook can be used to attach the bird feeder to a wall, a ceiling, or even a tree. It is cast iron so it is durable and can take any shape you want. The outdoor yard garden can be personalized with a different bird feeder every week.