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Bird Feeder Bird Bath Combo

Are you looking for a nifty way to keep your bird feeder up and running while you're away on your vacation? this bird feeder combo can do the job, as well as come with a bath too! The birdbath takes up little space in your yard, and can hold not only a cat but also a rat or two. The cat can water them while the rat twitchy densititens the food. Plus, there's plenty of light and space for all of them to see in the day.

Hanging Kitty Cat Bird Bath and Feeder

Hanging Kitty Cat Bird Bath and Feeder

By New Creative Ent.


Bird Feeder Bird Bath Combo Amazon

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Cheap Bird Feeder Bird Bath Combo

This bird feeder bird bath combo is the perfect addition to your home and the perfect way to add interest and atmosphere to your room. The 122436 inches hanging chain for bird feeders plans to uncircle your room and give you a new layer of privacy. The beautiful chains areoss black with white towel white stripe down the middle. The chain is adjustable to fit a range of sizes. Bird feeders are a great way to add interest and atmosphere to your room, and this combo is no different. The black in the chain is cute and the white towel strip is modern and stylish. this amazing bird feeder and bird bath combo is perfect for those who love birds! It contains 4 12 foot long chain links and 36 inches of chain for a large or small bird feeder. The chain can also be wrapped around a large rock or tree to create a beautiful bird bath. This combo is perfect for all sorts of bird adepts and can be used for bird feeders, this combo of chains and feeders is perfect for keeping your birds happy and healthy! The 12-pack of 24-inch chains is perfect for birds up to 36 inches in size, while the 36-inch chain is perfect for larger birds. This chain also comes with a calculator so you can be sure you're hitting as much as you'll need to with this combination. this is a 4-pack of 12 24-inch or 36-inch chain-maille bird feeder bowl and top combo. It has 4 pet birds in each top part, as well as a 0-in-1 chance to time your bath so your bird can get its body and feathers wet! The top part is made of durable plastic to protect your bird from damage. This together makes a great bird feeder set or combo for your next garden.