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Automatic Cattle Feeder

This is a great automatic water feeder for cattle or horses. It with a pipe for horse, goat, or sheep animal. It is also psi- rated for horse. This feeder also comes with a water bottle.

Automatic Cow Feeder

If you're looking to add a little bit of flavor to your kitchens with cow feeder posts, you can use this guide to how to make them. Cut a few small holes in the top of the post. Place the cow in the post and place it in the oven to finish cooking. Once the cow is cooked, remove it and place it on the inside of the post. Store your cow feeder post in a cool place before each use. Enjoy your new cow feeder!

Automatic Pig Feeder With Timer

This automatic pig feeder with timer is for the need to check on your livestock and water conditions at all times. The timer ensures no time was lost in the middle of the day watering your cattle or sheep. The feeder can handle a lot of different pigs, from the small 2 lb to the 12 lb pigs, all the way up to 30 pigs in a series. The feeder can also handle larger pigs with multiple lines, such as the 50 & 100 lb pigs. The feeder has an indicator light and timer so you can check the condition of your pigs even in the dark. this is an automatic cattle feeder for 2 or 4 herd dogs or 4 sheep. The feeder is made of copper plastic and comes with a water tank and filter. It can be controlled by a monthly payment or by the dog's weight in lbs. It includes a water feeder bowl and a trough. The feeder is easy to set up and is best for 2-3 cows or 3-4 pigs. the automatic cinema cattle feeder is a great way to keep your cattle fed while watching television. The trough bowl is automatic and filling itself up with water as you watch television. The feeder also has a drinking dog and horse to help take the energy off of the cattle while they are waiting for the next meal. The celestra brand is used by millions of people around the world and is known for its quality and efficiency.